Business Intelligence with Power BI

Find and visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways using Microsoft Power BI.

Artificial Intelligence

Use cutting edge technology that allows software to observe, analyze, learn, and assist in ways previously thought impossible.

Cloud Transformation

Migrate infrastructure to the cloud to prepare for future growth and enjoy unparalleled flexibility.

App Development

We can make you operationally stronger and optimal by providing our software suites. Specialization in LMS, e-commerce, ERP and many other web developments.


We are working in perfect direction so that we can provide you better understandings of the modules.

Software Reselling

ERP isn't just for giant companies any longer. These days a software solution is a prime necessity of many small scale businesses as well. Our hassle free work inspires numerous organisations to work mutually with us.

Why us?

From pre-research and early tests to full-scale production - we've got the skills to make your every business function work better and your team to learn more about AI.

Proven track-record

Excellent and international references including corporate customers, technology companies and public organizations

World-class team & service

World-class data science and customer support team. Through our parent company and other offices

Transparent and explainable AI

We provide transparent, state-of-the-art AI based on open source technologies, instead of "black-boxes"

Problem solver

Practical problem solving approach and agile projects with clear cost estimations and milestones

Scientific approach

Scientific approach including scientific reference papers and pre-research with measurable results


Flexible business and IPR model, share / transfer

Our Capturing Market Sectors

Digital Health

Introduce neural networks into your mobile app to analyse user data.


Automate customer feedback analysis to become more productive.

Financial Services

Utilise predictive analytics to improve debt collection effectiveness.


Improve your advertising capabilities through advanced social media analytics.


Get valuable insights from user interaction data from sensors, cameras etc.

Your Industry

From a different industry? Contact us to learn how we can help.